Transacting horses can be a complicated and involved process, but Boomer Bloodstock is committed to the client experience and result. We have important key principles that guide our processes, and these principles have remained critical to our success since Boomer Bloodstock was established in 2008.

We are anchored by honesty and integrity. Since the very beginning of Boomer Bloodstock, we have applied correct conduct to every business transaction to build both trust and result. Craig provides all clients full disclosure, which includes particulars of commission rates, parties involved and selection processes. Boomer Bloodstock favours business with equally minded farms, vendors and agents who similarly value these principles.

In rare, unavoidable circumstances where multiple Boomer Bloodstock clients are represented in a transaction, full disclosure is offered to all parties involved to facilitate an open and honest decision process, and a successful result.


No conflict of interest

When transacting business, Boomer Bloodstock guarantees there will be no conflict of interest. Craig and McCall Rounsefell have declined all investment in trading bloodstock, which includes nil ownership in foals, weanlings, yearlings and broodmares. The only current ownership Craig & McCall hold is in racehorses. The mantra is simple; we do not want to compete with our clients.

Craig is one of the few bloodstock agents taking this stance, and it is a significant point of difference when clients select Boomer Bloodstock for their bloodstock needs. At all times, trust and transparency will be critical between agency and client.

Equally, Craig will continue to disclose retainer agreements held by Boomer Bloodstock. Currently these include:

  • The Hong Kong Jockey Club: Southern Hemisphere yearling buyer.
  • Musk Creek Farm: Independent consultant.

Research & Analysis

Boomer Bloodstock guarantees that before any decisions are made in circumstances of private purchase, public auction, recommendation or any of the services professionally offered to clients, significant research is undertaken by us. This includes access to and analysis of significant statistical and historical data.

Research and analysis are the homework of a transaction, and Boomer Bloodstock believes that adding data to the weight of a decision greatly enhances the result. Craig has a vast database of information which is always considered as well as all the other data available before a decision is made to minimize the risk and increases the client’s chance of success.

FBAA member

Boomer Bloodstock’s commitment to integrity is central to its business model, which is why Craig has been a member of the Federation of Bloodstock Agents Australia (FBAA) since 2011.

Through 2020 he led a review into the FBAA’s Code of Ethics, which eventuated in the biggest constitutional change in the organisation’s history to establish a world best practice standard for bloodstock agents. It coincided with Craig’s appointment to the position of FBAA President.

“A high level of accountability is what is rightfully expected of our industry. To have every member held to an enforceable high standard will give clients confidence when they are engaging with an FBAA agent.”

The FBAA was established in 1988 with the aim of maintaining, improving and developing the standards, status and services of bloodstock agents, and to present and promote the views of its members.

The FBAA has been an important addition to the bloodstock climate since its inception, but it will become significantly more important going forward as the industry manages new standards and expectations in integrity and publicity. Boomer Bloodstock is proud to operate as a member of the FBAA.