The differences between a sprinting type and staying type

When examining a horse, it is important to know the differences between a sprinting and a staying type, particularly for a bloodstock agent as I am then able to provide my client with the style of horse they’re intending to purchase.

In my opinion sprinting types are all quite similar in shape, and when looking for a horse that can generate an immense burst of power, I like to identify the below qualities:

– Well developed chest

– Short coupled

– Short and slightly upright pasterns

– Strong forearms

– Great definition in the hindquarter, thighs and gaskins

– Slightly straighter through the shoulder

Scales Of Justice – Ideal sprinting type purchased in 2014

In my opinion staying types can come in all different shapes and sizes and when looking for a horse that has the ability to get out over long distances and sustain a long run, I like to identify the below qualities:

– Much narrower through the chest than a sprinter

– Great movement and extension at the walk

– Slightly longer through the neck, back and pasterns.

– Long, deep sloping shoulder


Pedigree has a significant amount to say as to whether a horse will be a sprinter or staying and thus I find it extremely important to really delve into the pedigree and do my research of the horse I am looking at both before and after I physically examine them.

Taking the time to do research allows me to look for certain traits or attributes which I may have seen in other horses from the same family, which can provide me with a good indication of what style of horse they will become. This enables me to provide my clients with the best chance for their desired result.